How to Wear a Corset

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           Since Halloween is rapidly approaching, we at Mardi Gras Costume Shop decided to do a short tutorial on how to wear a corset. There are many versatile looks that a corset can portray and during this festive season, women want to be sexy and go as things that normally they wouldn’t go as; for example, a burlesque dancer or a gun toting Victorian steampunk damsel. It can also be a chance to go as some their favorite idols, like Lady Gaga or Katy Perry. The corset is not only sexy and comfortable, it comes in many shapes, sizes, colors, fabrics, and designs. One of the first things people ask us is, “how do I select a corset size?” Well, Chrissy is here to answer that for you in this tutorial.


Zombie Makeup Tutorial

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This is about about a three minute zombie makeup tutorial put on by special makeup effects artist David Ayres. Dave has worked on films such as Close Encounters of the Third Kind, Something Wicked this Way Comes, Empire of the Ant, Tourist Trap, The Hills Have Eyes (Original), Buck Rogers, and Battlestar Galactica (Original).

  • Base: Ben Nye Creme Color Liner Yellow (CL-5).
  • Shadow & Age Lines: Ben Nye Creme Color Liner Beard Stipple (CL-27). Any color brown liner will do here.
  • Veins: Ben Nye Creme Color Liner Forest Green (CL-2), Blue (CL-19), and any color brown liner.
  • Red Blotches: Ben Nye Creme Rouge Red (CR-1), and any color brown liner. We used a red rouge in this demo because it is a little darker than the red liner, but you can use a different shade of red if you wish.
  • Cracks & Crack Stamp: Ben Nye Creme Color Liner Black (CL-29), and any color brown liner. The Crack Stamp  is sold only at the store for $10.00, cash only.
  • Powder: Ben Nye Neutral Set Powder. It is very important that you set any creme makeup with a powder. This allows your makeup to become less shiny and reduces smearing. When working with different colors, such as a black or a red, using a neutral powder is important because it goes on clear and allows your blacks to still be black, and your reds to still be red. Often people will by a white face powder only to find out your blacks will become a white or a grey.
  •  Zombie Cold and Clammy Effect: For this demo, Dave used K-Y Jelly or if you prefer, any water-soluble gel will do.
  • Mouth Stain: This is Dave’s secret recipe that he created. If you’re interested in learning how to make this recipe, please feel free to stop by the shop and ask Dave himself! He loves talking monsters and all things gory!

Pinup is the Rave!

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One would consider the pinup an art form of a by gone era; a beautiful woman tastefully dressed or undressed and playfully arranged in common everyday settings. True and not so true. Pinup has never really gone away, it was just getting some much needed beauty rest. Since its reawakening, pinup has made a dynamic comeback in everyday fashion and also costumes. Women who are young and young at heart ask us if we carry sheer nude back-seam pantyhose, and the answer is, “Yes, we do!” In rental, we also carry vintage swing, day, and evening dresses, although they do run small on account of women were a little smaller then. We can also give tips on how to achieve HUGE victory rolls or just an elegant smooth side swept style. If you need advice on how to do pinup makeup, we’re here to help you with that as well! Doing pinup is one of our many favorite themes here at Mardi Gras Costume Shop!

We Love the 80’s!

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We ♥ the 80’s at  Mardi Gras Costume Shop! Every Thursday we, the shop employees love to run ammuck throughout the shop gathering ideal costumes for the photo shoot to display in our online rental and theatrical gallery. Lately, the 80s have become a popular theme at parties, 70s being the first. We get a ton of calls asking if we have this sort of stuff, and we do, just not online. We thought, hey! We should get this stuff cranking and let the party goers know what we have! As time goes on, we will add more and more photos to display in our gallery.

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